In order to fulfill its mission, the OP3FT can create local branches located anywhere worldwide.

Each local branch is responsible, in relation with and under the control of the OP3FT, and in compliance with local laws, for promoting, protecting, and ensuring the progress of the Frogans technology, in the form of an open standard for the Internet, available for all, free of charge. Each local branch can participate in the drawing up of technical specifications of the Frogans technology, in the development of software implementations, as well as in the drafting of policies. Each local branch ensures that the Frogans technology is well-suited to specific local characteristics.


OP3FT中国 is the local branch that the OP3FT is currently setting up in China. The OP3FT opened offices for OP3FT中国 in Zhongguancun (中关村), the high tech quarter of the Haidian district, in Beijing. For further information, see the Web site of OP3FT中国


OP3FT USA is the local branch of the OP3FT in the United States. It will be set up in Washington D.C.

"OP3FT Branches"

"OP3FT Branches" is an entity whose purpose is to establish local branches of the OP3FT, notably in the form of subsidiaries or branch offices.

"OP3FT Branches" is set up as a sole shareholder simplified joint-stock company (société par actions simplifiée à actionnaire unique). The sole shareholder of "OP3FT Branches" is the OP3FT. The registered office of "OP3FT Branches" is the registered office of the OP3FT, located at 6 square Mozart, Paris (75016), France.

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